Sunday, 10 April 2016

Our Project on Shakespeare at XVII Jornadas CETA

Yesterday the XVII Jornadas CETA were held in the wonderful city of Córdoba at a really beautiful venue, CEP Luisa Revuelta. Our new project "We, We, We, Will Shakespeare" was featured with a workshop on one of its activities, the online journey to the Globe Theatre in London. The attendees were able to find out why online journeys are activities that let the students improve their English and learn cultural facts in English as they browse on the internet, something which is quite appealing and engaging to them. Our main goal with the session was to get the attending teachers inspired to create their own online journeys and put them into practice in the English class.

Before closing this post we would like to thank and congratulate the meeting's hosts, CEP Luisa Revuelta and CETA. Once again they have worked really hard, planned everything and treated their guests to a successful event, which included a marvellous lunch at a nearby hotel. 


  1. The worshop given by Antonio was quite interesinting and catching. Not only because of the topic but it was also they way we interacted with each other. Definitely I'll make use of what you showed us! THANK YOU

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