Sunday, 10 April 2016

Our Project on Shakespeare at XVII Jornadas CETA

Yesterday the XVII Jornadas CETA were held in the wonderful city of Córdoba at a really beautiful venue, CEP Luisa Revuelta. Our new project "We, We, We, Will Shakespeare" was featured with a workshop on one of its activities, the online journey to the Globe Theatre in London. The attendees were able to find out why online journeys are activities that let the students improve their English and learn cultural facts in English as they browse on the internet, something which is quite appealing and engaging to them. Our main goal with the session was to get the attending teachers inspired to create their own online journeys and put them into practice in the English class.

Before closing this post we would like to thank and congratulate the meeting's hosts, CEP Luisa Revuelta and CETA. Once again they have worked really hard, planned everything and treated their guests to a successful event, which included a marvellous lunch at a nearby hotel. 

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Students' Arrival in London

The 4th Year ESO students have already started their virtual trip to London in order to improve their English at a language school and enjoy all kinds of places and events around the city.

On the first stage of their trip the students pretend to fly to Heathrow airport. When they arrive there they need to ask for information on how to travel from the airport to their language school in north London. The school is called The Wembley School of English and it is near North Wembley Underground station on the Bakerloo line.

The students have worked in teams to create role-play stories depicting the situation above and act them out afterwards. First every team was given colour stickers to represent each of the lines within London Underground network. Then the students wrote the role-play stories. In the stories some pupils play the roles of the Spanish students just arrived at Heathrow airport; the other pupils play the roles of the information assistants who help the students find out the best way to get to their language school from the airport.

When the students say that the school is near North Wembley Underground station, the assistants show them how to travel to their school by Tube. They are told to take the Piccadilly line eastbound at the airport and when they get to Piccadilly Circus station they must change for the Bakerloo line and travel northbound to North Wembley station, which is near the school.

Next the students prepared several resources to make the scenery of their performances resemble an airport terminal and its information office. Finally every team acted their stories out in front of their classmates. Most students said they loved doing this activity. They also think the project helped them improve both their language and acting skills.

The students are already in London and very soon they will start visiting places of interest in the city. We hope they will keep on enjoying these great virtual journeys.

If you want to see some pictures of the resources and performances above, just check out our Flickr page. Thanks!!! 

Monday, 29 February 2016

We, We, We Will Shakespeare

2016 marks the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death. In order to celebrate such an important event we have created a project called "We, We, We Will Shakespeare". It will feature an outstanding range of activities which will let our students find out and learn about the Bard's life and work in a fun way. The new workshop also aims to inspire other English teachers to introduce the world of Shakespeare to their own pupils. We will keep you updated on everything regarding this adventure. 

Monday, 18 January 2016

My Last Weekend

Hi you all friends! I'm Bus and right now I'm going to tell you what I did last weekend.

Last Saturday morning I got up at 9:00. First I had breakfast -I ate churros and drank hot chocolate for breakfast- and then I cleaned the house. In the afternoon I cooked and ate lunch and next I watched Chelsea's match on TV. Later, on Saturday evening, I had a shower and then I went to the cinema with a friend -the film was wonderful-. At night I arrived home at 11:00. I ate a sandwich and some fruit for dinner and finally I went to bed at 12:15.

On Sunday I didn't get up early. I had breakfast and then I read the newspaper -I love reading the newspaper on Sunday morning-. In the afternoon I ate lunch at Antonio's house. Later I drove his children to the park and played games with them. On Sunday evening I did my homework -I take Spanish classes twice a week- and next I had a shower. At night I had a light dinner. Then I watched TV for a while and finally I went to bed at 11:30.

Yeeessss, I had a great time last weekend. What about you? What did you do? Did you enjoy? I am looking forward to listening to your presentations in the English class.

PS: In the picture above you can see me reading the paper last Sunday morning.