Saturday, 12 December 2015

Animals on the Underground

Yesterday Animals on the Underground, the hidden world of animals within the iconic London underground map, were introduced to the current 4th Year ESO students at Cardenal Spínola School. 

On Wednesday the students had been given a closed envelope with a gift and a secret message within. They had been told not to open the envelopes until they were at home and not to speak to each other about the message. The present was a London tube map and the message asked them to bring the map to the next English class with an animal inside.

Yesterday the students brought the maps with lovely drawings and pictures of several animals. First they showed each other their animals. Next I told them the story of Paul Middlewick, a man who found an elephant within the London underground map while he was waiting for the train on the platform and staring at a large tube map. I said the elephant was the first in a long list of animals  within the map, the Animals on the Underground.

Finally I displayed the Animals's website on the classroom's screen and let the students check out all the animals. I am pretty sure our friends Nick and Paul will love to know the students were more than excited and started a joyful applause as they were carefully watching the animals. When I told the pupils it was great they had enjoyed the Animals so, they said "Thanks teacher for this wonderful activity. We have never heard such a beautiful story as Paul's"

If you want to see more pics with the animals that the students brought within their tube maps, browse our Flickr site.

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