Saturday, 31 October 2015

Mind Mapping London 3

The 1st workshop within the project Workshop Undergrounding London is Introducing London. The students at 4th year ESO find out lots of interesting facts about the capital city of the UK while doing a variety of activities, from a starting quiz on the city to planning a young couple's honeymoon trip in London.

For the third year in a row the students have also worked in teams in order to make mind maps on London. They have used several resources to visually outline all kinds of ideas on the city. 

First the pupils place its topic in the centre of the map -the name of the city, a picture which identifies it, or both-. Then they draw branches off the topic, each one displaying a main idea, in a different colour and with its own visual representation. Finally every main branch expands in sub-branchesadding more ideas and concepts to the mind map.

Once the mind maps are finished the students present them in class: they do not only speak about London but also tell their classmates how their maps have been created and what resources they have chosen to make them.

Browse our Flicker page for a few pics of the mind maps in progress and complete. I'm sure you will like them!

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