Monday, 13 April 2015

On The Beach

In the last few weeks the 1st Year ESO students have been working with there be in the English class. We have done several activities in order to practice and learn both the present and the past forms.

First we focused on the classroom and all the things there. The pupils learnt how to say messages like there is a fan on the ceiling, there are two notice boards on the back wall or there are two speakers on the front wall

Second the students were told to take, draw themselves or download from the internet pictures displaying open fridges. Those pictures were supposed to show the food and the drinks in the fridges on Wednesday the week before. The pupils had to describe their pictures with sentences such as last Wednesday there were a few apples in the fridge, there was little fruit or there weren't any eggs.

Third we did the project On the beach. The students made two pieces of artwork, one of them depicting a beach on a typical summer day in the afternoon and the other one showing the same beach late at night. They used all kinds of resources and their complete products were amazing -check out lots of lovely pics from our Flickr page-. 

Then the pupils prepared a presentation on both artworks with the different patterns of there be and the quantifiers; they had to decide whether to speak about the beach in the afternoon at present and the beach at night in past or the other way. Finally they presented and described their artworks in the English class with sentences like there were many people lying in the sun, there was a big boat in the sea, there are lots of bright stars in the sky or there is a man fishing on a rock. The pupils really loved doing this project and they think it helped them learn about there be in a fun way.

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