Friday, 13 February 2015

Bus and His Fridge

Hi you all friends! I hope you are well. Antonio told me that you are now learning about There Be and Quantifiers in the English class. You can see above a picture of my fridge that I took last Wednesday.

There was a lot of fruit because I love it. There were many oranges -they are delicious and really good in winter time-. There were a few apples and some pears. There weren't any kiwis because I invited some friends for dinner the day before and they ate all the kiwis.

In the fridge there were also some vegetables; there were a few carrots, lots of tomatoes -I always eat tomatoes with bread and olive oil for breakfast-, some cucumbers, three peppers and there was a lettuce too.

There were two packs of sausages -I never eat sausages but Antonio´s children like them a lot and they sometimes eat lunch at my house-. There were a few eggs and there was some meat -chicken and beef- but there was little fish. And believe me when I say that there weren't any hamburgers.

There was a little milk and there were a few yogurts but there wasn't any peach juice. There were three cans of coke and four small bottles of non-alcoholic beer. And there were two chocolate bars too: I usually eat some chocolate after lunch -sometimes milk chocolate, sometimes dark chocolate-.

My favorite food is definitely fruit! What about you? What's your favorite food?


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