Sunday, 12 October 2014

Our friend Pilar Torres

Workshop Undergrounding London is so lucky to have wonderful friends across Spain and in England alike. Current and old students; teachers and teacher trainers; curators and other museum staff; or traditional and graphic artists, they are all lovely people whom we have met and shared with nice journeys towards new and better ELT approaches. And we just love posting on these friends. The post today is meant to be a name day greeting to Pilar Torres, one of our best friends.

We met Pilar in April 2012 when our workshop was invited to hold a session at CETA English Teaching Conference at the University of Córdoba. She was then working at Córdoba's CEP Luisa Revuelta, successfully leading all kinds of activities aimed at improving the level of language classes and teaching. Pilar has kept in touch ever since: her views and encouragement always fostering our vision and projects.

After 8 years at Córdoba's CEP Pilar is now back in the classroom: an English teacher at Ángel de Saavedra High School in Córdoba. We are sure she is doing a wonderful job, helping her students develop all learning skills into their best. Just like the motto on her blog reads, sometimes teaching, always learning, Pilar is an evolving teacher whose style we should definitely all follow.

Pilar, we hope you have a wonderful day with your family and close friends. Happy Name Day from Workshop Undergrounding London!

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  1. Speechless as I am, I only can say "thank you", Antonio, and keep up the good work. A big hug, my dearest friend