Tuesday, 30 September 2014

New school year, new journeys

Hello everybody and welcome to a new school year at Workshop Undergrounding London! We hope you had a nice summer holiday and now are ready for several amazing learning and teaching adventures.

Workshop Undergrounding London and its two mascots, Uly and Bus, will be important resources on the ESO English lessons at Cardenal Spínola School. The oldest students will get on board for a virtual trip to London, which will help them improve their English language skills in a fun and creative way. Uly, their London host, will take them to many places of interest in his city. He will also send the students lots of tweets displaying interesting facts on London and scores of new words and phrases.

The students at 1st Year ESO will also have a London friend in the English lessons: the lovely red double-decker Bus. He will be our assistant and will make every class fun enough to appeal the students and will help them feel good when speaking English. Bus also has his own twitter account and will  tweet messages to let the pupils make their English better.

Finally, a brand new project, called My Little Map of London, will let the littlest children start learning English with a resource like no other. Featuring a beautiful map and four wonderful double-decker buses, the project will allow the youngest ones to live plenty of unforgettable stories and to go on their first journeys towards the magic of learning a language.

Here we go!

PS: For updated info on everything above, follow @uly_ulondon, @bus_ulondon and @mylittlemap on Twitter.

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