Monday, 26 May 2014

In May Volleyball Goes Orange

Volleyball is the most popular sport at Cardenal Spínola School. Our club is called Spínola Sanlúcar. The pupils start playing it when they are 6 years old and keep on playing until their last year at the school when they are 16. There is also a senior team with old students from the school. Our History teacher, Alfonso Sánchez-Palencia, is the head coach: he has been training and planning everything regarding volleyball at the school for over 20 years and we are all proud to have several teams among the top ones in our area. For more info on the club visit its website at

Every year Alfonso organizes one of the major volleyball competitions in Andalusia: it is called Volleyball Marathon and is held in late May. Both male and females teams, from all ages, come to our hometown and meet at the sport centre for an amazing event. The competition usually starts on Friday after school and closes on Sunday afternoon when everyone tries a huge and delicious paella after the final matches. Most of the participants come together with friends and families and so the weekend becomes an enjoyable celebration of people and sport.

This year the Marathon was held last weekend and it was really successful. It was the 14th meeting in a row and hundreds of players and attendants were able to enjoy plenty of wonderful moments. From Workshop Undergrounding London we want to congratulate Alfonso and all who helped him with such a great sport party. Chapeau!

PS: Our teams' kit is orange! 

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