Friday, 7 March 2014

A herd of elephants meets... Elephant & Castle

Every school year the 4th Year ESO students at Cardenal Spínola School find out about the hidden world of animals within the iconic London underground map.

Last week each of the students was given a closed envelope with a gift inside. They were told not to open the envelope until they were at home. Besides the present they would find a secret message. The pupils should not speak to each other about the instructions in the message but only follow them. The gift was a London tube map and the message asked them to bring the map back to school with an elephant inside.

This week the students have brought the maps with beautiful pictures and drawings of elephants inside. First we enjoyed all of them and then I displayed the webpage of Animals on the Underground and the first animal that Paul Middlewick discovered in the map, a lovely elephant called Elephant & Castle, alongside other of his nice friends. The students also read about Paul and when and how his wonderful story started while waiting for the tube on the platform and staring at a London tube map.

We just love the Animals and are really happy of having Paul and his colleague Nick as friends of our English project.

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