Sunday, 12 January 2014

Mind Mapping London

The topic of the 2nd workshop within the project Workshop Undergrounding London is London. The students at 4th year ESO find out all kind of information about the capital city of the UK while doing a wide range of activities, from a starting quiz to planning a young couple's wedding trip.

Right now the students are working in teams in order to make mind maps on London. They are using several resources to visually outline all the ideas on the city that they now know. From the word London, placed in the centre of the diagram, they are adding main ideas and concepts, and then from the latter sub-branches radiate.

Once the mind maps are finished the students will present them in class: they will not only speak about London but will also show how their maps were created and what resources they chose to make them.

Visit our Flicker page on the following days for pics of the mind maps in progress and complete. I'm sure you will like them!

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