Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Now they know ... A Tube Story

We have already finished the first workshop within our project, called A Tube Story. The students, working in teams, have made very beautiful artworks on some of the things they have learnt about during the workshop.

Several teams focused on Geography. They now know The British Isles are in the northwest of Europe and there are two countries there, United Kingdom and Ireland. Their capital cities are London and Dublin. They also know the biggest island, Great Britain, is separated from mainland Europe by The English Channel.

United Kingdom consists of four countries: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Their capitals are London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast. The British flag is called Union Jack and the British anthem God Save the Queen. The students also found out about a peaceful city on the southwest coast of England, Plymouth. It is in the county of Devon and its most popular landmark is a lighthouse called Smeaton's Tower.

Other teams focused on the story of our workshop, Undergrounding London. They now know it is inspired by the iconic London tube map and the students go on a virtual trip to London. They use the tube map to plan and describe their journeys around the city on the underground. They read the story of someone who first travelled on the London underground in 1989 and has still got the ticket of that journey.

One of the teams focused on a popular football team in London, Arsenal. They chose it because Undergrounding London's mascot, Uly, is a true fan of Arsenal: he is a gunner. The students draw Arsenal's shield.

If you want to see pics of all the artworks, just follow the Flickr link on the right and then click on the album "artworks". I'm sure you'll love them!

PS: The picture above shows one of the artworks made by the students.

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  1. Great work, teacher Antonio! And wonderful artworks made by your students!!
    I am sure they have learnt a lot and have enjoyed the experience.
    Congrats to your students and their teacher!