Monday, 18 November 2013

First artworks this school year

This school year Workshop Undergrounding London will feature new activities. One of them will be the students working in teams to create some pieces of artwork at the end of every single workshop. 

We are about to finish the first one, A Tube Story, and they are already doing the task. Once it is complete they will also text and tweet a few messages on the artwork in order to say what it depicts and what they have learnt about it. Before the students start making their artworks they will be always given an example, both of an artwork which portrays something from the workshop and of some tweets on it. 

The picture above displays the craft they were shown before they began to create their own: an easy cut and paste artwork depicting the famous lighthouse in Plymouth, Smeaton's Tower. We found about it earlier in the workshop, first when we read Uly's e-mail and then when we focused on The British Isles and the United Kingdom.

On the next few days you will be able to see several pics of the artworks made by the students. They will be available on our Flickr page. I hope you like them! 

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