Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Workshop Undergrounding London at GRETA's conference in Granada

Last weekend Undergrounding London was part of GRETA's Annual Conference in Granada. GRETA is the  English Teachers Association of Andalusia. We held a workshop on the project with several teachers from schools around the region. The aim was to let them know about our project, the way it is designed and used in our English language classes. 

The workshop started with a short presentation on Undergrounding London. Then, the participants were given a few tasks to perform. The tasks were all activities from the project. Once finished, the teachers introduced their tasks and act them out. They also had the chance to meet our friends Uly and Bus and couldn't help taking pics with the latter.

This has been the fourth time Workshop Undergrounding London is presented at an English Teachers Meeting. The audience's feedback has always been super: they like our project and say they'd  love to use it as a resource in their English lessons. Thanks to all of them for their enthusiasm towards our work. We will keep doing our best to offer something special and different from other materials.

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